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About Random Musings


Hi friends. Welcome to my website.  I have written a memoir about raising and adopting a foster child. I then got caught up in a project of reading as many books as I could by authors who had either attended Friends Seminary or taught there. I would love to be in conversation with people about these books and more. 


Here’s my bio. I was born in 1940, in Plainfield, New Jersey, and grew up there.  I went to Muhlenberg College and then to graduate school at Emory in Atlanta where I got a PhD in Comparative Literature.  I lived in France and Switzerland, first as a student and then directing a Junior Year Abroad Program.  Then I seriously settled down and taught at Friends Seminary in Manhattan from the age of 29 until my retirement. 


I got Tammy in 1984.  She is still with me along with her seventeen-year-old son, Paul.  When he was two years old we moved to Cape Coral, Florida. The summer of my seventieth year I got married (for the first time) to Don Routh.  I recommend the Unitarian Coffee Hour. 

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