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Forum –Books.Here you will find my take on a hundred plus  books, all written by former Friends Seminary students or teachers. I LOVED reading and commenting on these works. I was dazzled by how much talent and brilliance has passed through the school on 16th Street.


 You will find categories such as Memoirs, Novels, Nonfiction. Click on the Category and you will find a display of the book titles in that section. Click on a title and you will find my comment on that book. At the end of my blurb, you can make a comment, and I hope you do! 


Use the white words above the Category Box to navigate back to the list or to explore the forum


Body in Space  Read about the memoir I wrote about raising Tammy, a foster child whom I adopted. 























For UU’s Essays I hope will be of interest to my Unitarian Universalist friends and others.



I want to thank my grandson, Paul Martin, for making this site for me.



Marge Gonzalez

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